大師教路 第一集(上) 適者生存 [4K] EP1 - [ArrivaL] Master's Pathway

大師教路唔使行冤枉路 Welcome to Master's Pathway我是今天的主持人 June I am host of the day, June我們現代如何購買呢? How we purchase? As modern generation就是拿起手機按一按 simply click on the smart phone貨物將到達 The goods will be arrive非常方便 very convenient許多想要創業的人就會想到在網絡平台上做買賣 Many who wanted to start up a new business will venture in online platform因為成本較低 Obviously is because of low start up capital但是有的人怎麼做也做不起來 Not everyone could make it happen但是有些人卻可以將業務擴展到國際市場 However, some even extend their business to international非常成功 very successful今天和我們邀請到大師來教路 Today with our invited master他們就是來自馬來西亞非常紅的網上賣家 They are from Sabah, Malaysia online fashion sellerArrivaL 的創辦人 Ken & Peggy ArrivaL's Founder Ken & Peggy歡迎來到大師教路 Welcome to Master's Pathway首先,我想知道你們倆的關係 At first, I would like to know both of yours relationship status你們現在是男女朋友?新婚夫妻?
還是老夫老妻? You're couples? Newly Married? or husband & wife for a very long time?
我們是熱戀的情侶 We're couple fresh in love感覺上已經結婚幾十年了 I felt that been married for a decade一個說熱戀情侶,一個老夫老妻 One said couple, one said husband & wife這樣就看得出他是如何對待這段感情 It's reflected how he treated our relationship你們為什麼會創辦 ArrivaL? Why you will setup ArrivaL?為什麼叫 ArrivaL? How the name ArrivaL come up with?
是不是 一想到 ArrivaL的衣服 is that wanted to remind your customer?其實是對的 actually it's true當初我們兩夫妻選擇 At the beginning both of us make a choice決定進軍時裝這個行業 decided to venture into fashion line坦白說第一當然是對這行很有興趣 we're really passionate in this line其實當然也要老公也很有興趣 of course, most important my husband was interested too其實真的很難得有男人對時裝也很有要求 it's rare that a man was into it too所以當我們決定要進軍時裝界的時候 so when we discuss and decide我們發現了同樣的興趣 we found a same point of interest所以我們就會想到不想再打工了 so we're like. hell. no more 9-5 jobs for us in our life我們真的很想試看做自己的一們生意 we really wanted to venture into our own business不過其實挑戰真的很大 The challenges was increadible還有要踏出那一步其實真的不容易 The first step was uneasy不過我們就是說趁年輕我們真的要嘗試 but we must try while still young你們在創辦 ArrivaL之前是做什麼行業的呢?
what's your occupation before this?我們都是打工的 we're both working class我做過銀行,電訊公司,保險 I worked in bank, telcom, insurance也做過直銷 and also direct-selling都有試過 we've tried everything最後就決定創辦 ArrivaL and finally setup ArrivaL是的 yes..ArrivaL 的意思真的是衣服到了嗎?
Is the shop name ArrivaL really mean to arrival of the clothes?這需要問老闆 This have to ask the boss那個時候的故事是如何呢? How's the story goes last time?是的,就是 June 說的那樣 Yes, it was like June said其實我們想到的是 actually we thought of各種各樣的名字 all kind of name上網 online馬上這裏買,那裏就收到,這個意思 purchase online arrive in hand, that's the idea送到了家門口 Arrived our doorstep就會覺得這個名是 that's what we want to deliver當然要顧客容易記得我們的名 in the other hand, we wish customer easily remember our name就算我們 even though當然 我們也有想過很獨特的名字 we ever tried some unique name too比如有些法文 some sort of french name帶點很浪漫的感覺的 with romantic essence比如 for example法國口音 french accent好像很浪漫這樣.
後來他說,你會念不代表顧客們會念 sound romantic, but he asked how everybody can pronounce不如選一個是深入民心的 what about a common but easy recall name名字讓大家容易記的,最後就用了ArrivaL easy for everybody, so we choosed ArrivaL in the end不過我覺得真的很好 it's a good moved很容易記得,arrived 我的東西到了 ArrivaL Easily remember, my stuff arrived我們的營業執照也是很堅持一個字而已 We insist one word even in our trading license有時在政府機構處理文件 sometimes process document at the government body政府部門會不斷詢問我們 the government department will keep questioning us是服裝店?店?貿易?還是什麼?
what's ArrivaL? Shop? Trading?我們就說就是 ArrivaL咯.
一個字而已,很堅持這個名 we said just ArrivaL, one word only. Very insist2017之前,進入直播銷售模式之前 2017 before we enter LIVE mode online selling之前我們都一直進行服裝拍攝 we're doing photoshoot for the clothes進了貨就拍照,我就是那位模特,每一件衣服都要親自穿 I'm the only model, wearing every piece and take picture of it而我老公 Ken 就是攝影師 and my husband Ken is the photographer所以你是幕前,他是幕後 so you're in the frontline and he's your backup到今時今日都是 yes, until today那個時候就是拍照 taking picture is the main part last time然後要編輯照片,因為那些亮度,顏色還有修圖 after that edit the photos, adjust the brightness, saturation etc.要準備一批照片,又要量尺寸,然後才可以上載去我們的專頁 and ready a batch of photos with sizes so can upload to our fanspage所有的準備功夫實在是不容易 so uneasy all the preparation works那個時候因為還沒有直播,甚至麵子書是完全沒有直播這個功能 Live was not started by that time, even Facebook don't have the Live function yet所以我們是靠這個方式和我們有店麵 we rely on this way and our physical shop here你記得你第一次做直播的情景嗎? Do you still remember your first "Live"?
我有看回哦 I've watched back嗯 Well你有看回哦 oww. you watched it第一次做直播其實真的很記得是2017年10月2號這個日期 the very first live was posted on 2/10/2017這對我們來說非常重要因為這是一個轉折點 it was very important to us as it's a turning point那時候我懷孕了 I was pregnant that time我的兒子在裏麵 my son inside here是的 ya近4個月肚子已經明顯的看到 almost 4 months with obvious apophysis試穿每一件衣服都可以看到我的肚子 Can see my tummy when fitting我從來沒有公佈我懷孕的消息 I never announce my pregnancy從這個直播視頻開始,大家都知道了 because of this live feed, everybody knew it since then所有在直播中看到我肚子的朋友 all my friends who saw my tummy in the Live feed無法控製他們的反應 can't stop their curiosityPeggy,你懷孕了! Peggy, you're pregnant!在直播裏直接問我,就這樣公開了 Asked in there directly, there how it's revealed我把他們拉回來,不如我們看看新的衣服 I pulled them back, why don't we check out the new dresses第一次的直播確實很緊張 The first Live was really nervous燈光設置,背景隻有一塊板 the lighting setup, the backdrop only a piece of plywood那是一場非常昏暗的直播 it was a very dark Live我們選擇了在放工時間直播 We chosen after works hours for the Live我們在下午5點開始工作 we started work 5pm刻意的安排, 但原來這是完全錯誤的猜測 purposely arranged that time slot but it's totally wrong人們在放工後似乎更忙,反而工作時間沒這麼忙 Peoples seems more busy after works我們都以為放工後每個人都得空看直播 We all think that after works people should have more time watching Live實際上, 在第一周的幾次嘗試之後 actually not at all after few attempts in first week不像預期的觀眾數量 the amount of audience not as expected還有 and also我最記得印象深刻,太緊張了 I can't forget, was too nervous直播通常使用前置攝像頭 Live usually using front camera非常珍惜每一個顧客的評論所以必須閱讀每一行 were appreciated very single comment so must read every line不小心按到背麵相機按鈕 pressed the back camera button細心檢查每一行評論 scroll and scroll all the comments是的,沒錯 yes, exactly靠太近,連我自己的臉都看不見 too near to the phone can't even see my own face靠得太前,一錯手就按下去了 it was too near so easily wrong click我打開了手機攝像頭 and I switched the phone camera我們的老闆就在後麵記錄所有的訂單 our boss just right at the back recording all the orders哦,我的天!
我馬上把它換回來了 Oh No! I switched it back immediately是的,這些所有都不能剪輯 but yeah all can't be edit我看著他 well, I was looking at him他不知道發生了什麼 He don't know what happened我剛告訴他我不小心換了相機鏡頭 I just told him I switched the camera accidentally幸運的是他有穿衣服 Luckily he's in proper attire是的,這是一個很大的教訓 Yeah, it's a lesson但是仍然有很多人在使用這種方法 but still a lot of people still using this way從觀眾的角度來看這是很不舒服的,我們想看的是衣服 From viewer's angle, this is quite uncomfortable. we looking at the dresses我必須說你們現在都做得很好,保持一個很好的距離 I must say you all did very well now, keep a sweet distance你可以快速流利地說 and you can talk very fast and fluent你是怎麼做到的? How u did it?
現在不簡單了 It's not easy now as in每次直播都有至少 800位的觀眾 you've got at least 800 viewers each Live最高可達1.8千觀眾 Highest went up to 1.8k viewers這麼多人在同一時間下單 so many people put order at the same time如何處理這部分? How to manage this part?我們非常注重每一場直播前的準備功夫 We're very details in our preparation part不管我是多有經驗的主播 No matter how good I'm當準備不足時,一切都付諸流水 When the preparation is insufficient, everything fail準備工作很複雜 The preparation was complicated列出了所有衣服的款式,大小,顏色 Listed down all the pattern, size, colour當我前麵介紹時,後端需要提供詳細資料 When I introduce certain pattern, the backend need to pin the size, price etc.實際剩下的數量 and the actual quantity left我不能在不知道確實數量的情況下繼續售賣 I can't just keep selling without knowing the exact stocks left是的,他給我即時提醒 Yeah, he gave me instant reminder這很重要 This is important不能讓顧客失望 Can't let down the customer假如我是一個新人想要嘗試做直播 If I'm a new comer would like to venture into Live我需要什麼 What do I need我想每個人都喜歡看直播因為他們喜歡這種氛圍 I think everybody like to watch Live is because they like the atmosphere還有負責講述的主播 and of course the Host醜陋的人能直播嗎?
Can someone ugly broadcast Live?就我而言, 樣子外貌並不是重點 I don't think appearance does matter我不相信!!!
! I do not believe that!!!
!你們都相信嗎? Do you all believe?醜的都很難在螢幕前出現 Ugly please don't go in front the screen你能看多長時間?
How long you can watch if ugly?望一眼就關掉了 Close it after an eye這些都來自於誠實的觀眾 It's all from the honest audience這是現在 Youtuber 給我的感覺 It's the idea from Youtuber nowadays你會看到樣子奇怪的 Youtuber 得到很多關注 You'll see strange look get exploded views多數都是搞笑類型的 Youtuber Those are funny jokers type Youtuber第二,我覺得更多的是主播如何主持節目的態度和誠懇 secondly I felt more is how the host conduct the show and sincerity你認為你的觀眾喜歡看你還是你賣的衣服? You think your fans prefer to see you or your dresses?其實我覺得有一半是我們在這幾年裏建立了感情 I think we built a strong bonding in these few years如何說起.
how to explain.有時客戶會有他們的要求 Sometimes customer will have their request我也會對他們的反應感到緊張 I will be nervous with their responses too或者有時他們很激動 or sometime they're agitated必須讓他們冷靜下來 have to calm them down也有顧客讓我抓狂的時候 also a time the customer make me mad但是還是要重複同樣的事情讓他們冷靜下來 but still have to repeat the same thing cool them down把你的微笑掛起來,略略帶過 Hang your smile up and skip to the next最重要的是整個直播讓人感覺舒服 Most important the Live feed let people feel comfortable大多數觀眾都稱讚你的情商 Most of your fans complimented your E.Q.顧客們說如果在其它直播這樣做,他們早就會被罵了 They will get scolded if did this in others Live我不希望因為這樣成為大紅人 I don't wish to get known by this way一破口罵人的話一切都會付諸流水 everything will be gone after you started screaming at others所以主播的情商是同等重要的 So the host E.
Q. are equivalent important還有一樣必須要的會是什麼 What's next我認為是整個團隊合作 I think is the whole teamwork還有幕後工作人員的相互配合的默契 the backend mutual understanding在直播的同一時間會有很多突發事件發生 There will be lots of unplanned incident happened at the same time當我幫顧客下單, 我非常需要他們的幫助和支持 I need their backup and support這隻適用於希望擴大規模的人 This only apply to whom wish to expand bigger scale如果隻想要做小小的就不需要幕後班底了 If only wanted a small scale then is not necessary當然,每個人都想擴大自己的業務 of course everyone wanted to expand their business這就是為什麼他們坐在這裏看因為有大師教 That's why they're sitting here watching Master's tips我們最後總結一下 As we finalised在接下來的問題之前 before the following question我想問你們知道山打根的人口是多少嗎? do you know how much is the population of Sandakan?因為你們都來自山打根 Because both of you are from Sandakan這很正常,沒有多少人知道這一點 It's normal, not many people aware of that維基百科 from Wikipedia你的頁麵粉絲們攀升到 And your page fans climbed up to你的粉絲人數比山打根的人口還多 Your fans population more than a Sandakan這太誇張了.
this is mad.你是怎麼得到這麼多粉絲的? How you manage to get this amount of fans?如果你問及粉絲數量 If you asking about the fans count它是由前幾年積累起來的 It's accumulated from previous years2015年我們仍然是攝影的那個時代 That time still photo taking century我們在Facebook上買了一些廣告 we bought some advertisement in Facebook我們拍照之後就被動地等待顧客前來下單 We're passively waiting for the customer after post photos當他們看到廣告的時候,他們開始湧入詢問 Inquiries PM started to flow in when they see the advertisement所以當他們買得高興的時候,他們就會訂閱和跟蹤我們的專頁 So when they're happy with it, they will Like and Follow our fanspage直到今天人們開始分享我們的專頁 until today peoples started sharing這些都是多年積累的 All are accumulated in years在Facebook「Live」之前,我們為企業付費廣告 before Facebook "Live", we're paying Ads for business這些都是很正常的 It's normal否則,我們的新服裝發佈將不會被看到 Otherwise, our new arrival wouldn't be seenFacebook是很現實的 Facebook were realistic不付費廣告,你的最大值是1千到2千個粉絲 Not paying advertisement, your maximum is 1k to 2k fans這完全取決於你付了多少錢廣告費 It's all depends on how much you've paid廣告將你引向潛在客戶但不能保證銷售量 the Ads lead you to potential customer but not guaranteed sales volume一切都像賭博 all are like gambling最終還是服裝的款式是否吸引 Root cause is whether the chosen fashion fashionable eye catching這就是我們是如何累積到這麼多的粉絲 There how we get that amount of fans當然,在我們直播之後,粉絲們的成長速度更快了 Of course fans raised faster after we did Live feed在你的直播中,你遇到的最大的麻煩的情況是什麼?
What's the biggest trouble you've faced in your Live在其中的一個直播中,我們都覺得那件衣服真的很不錯 In one of the Live feed, we both felt that piece is really not bad如果它不美,我們就不會把它帶回來賣 we wouldn't brought it back if it's not nice當我們穿上去的時候 God knows when we wear it on他們都說 All of them commented為什麼看起來像醫院的手術服 Why it looks like hospital surgery suit這批衣服配上了醫院套裝的顏色 and the batch of clothes matching the colour of the hospital suit另一件粉紅色的衣服看起來像孕婦裝 Another piece pinkish dress looks exactly like pregnancy women suit最後一款淡藍色就像醫生的製服一樣 The last piece pale blue just like a doctor suit所有人都像朋友一樣聚在這裏,開始了搞笑的評論 And all of them gathering like friend here, started funny comments他們無法停止起鬨, 大家一起開始角色扮演 And they can't stop jeer我們知道這個款式必須結束不可能繼續賣了 We realised this item have to be end我不可能繼續兜了 No ways keep twisting同時有800位觀眾同時一起評論 there are 800 viewers commenting at the same time那時我們都很緊張,他也非常替我緊張如何應對 We both are tense by that time我們快速互打眼色趕快跳過到下一款吧 we quickly send signal skip to the next不行就是不行 cannot means cannot我們必須承認我們的眼光有時也是會有出錯的時候 we must admit we will make mistake too不是每次選的衣服都對味兒 not every time accurate之後再保持微笑,我們繼續介紹下一款 so just keep smiling and skip to next事實上雖然已經跳過,但是這個問題仍然在我的腦海中循環 In fact, the issue still rotating in my mind仍然會繼續思考問題出在哪裏 will still keep thinking what's the problem這種心情會一直持續到直播結束 The mood will hold till the Live ended但是不能表露在臉上 and can't be show at face必須考慮後果 Must thinking of the consequenceArrivaL 現在不僅僅是我們兩個而已 ArrivaL is not only 2 of us now我們現在有了一個團隊 but we have a team now如果為了發泄一秒的情緒把大家的努力都毀掉 can't spoilt everything for just a moment這會讓公司陷入困境,我腦子裏都有這些問題 It will make the company into troubles, i have all these in my mind所以我要求自己做得再好一點再更好一點 So I will make sure I'll do better and better好吧,無論遇到了什麼事,我必須先冷靜下來 Well, anything happened I must cool down myself first那些獨自做「直播」的人才可以隨便發泄 Those who did "Live" alone only can raise your voice有些主播很容易生氣的.. 扔東西的也有..
There's host easily get mad and throw things發脾氣是沒有用的 It's useless to throw your temper你會留下發脾氣的印象,你給顧客的印象就會變差了 your angry face will be saved in your customer mind即使你在接下來的直播中帶著微笑 Even you come back smiling face in the following Live顧客永遠記得你脾氣爆發的模樣 The sickening image retain為什麼不把它留給你在家裏的丈夫 :D Why don't leave it to your husband at home :D待會兒你就知道 You'll know it later你是否鼓勵人妻們成為主播? Do you encourage wifey become a "Live" host?根本阻止不了 Can't stop it either我已經習慣了,麻木了 I've been used to it已經不可能回頭了 there's no way back在此之前,比較少來自沙巴和沙撈越的客戶 before that our customer from Sabah & Sarawak are lesser更多來自西馬 more from the west Malaysia西馬顧客的覆蓋率達到了 70-80% The west covered up to 70-80%今年增加了很多山打根,亞庇, 鬥湖和拿篤及砂撈越的新客戶 This year increase lots of Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu new customers有的時候很有趣,顧客在我們直播裏買了衣服 It's funny sometime after they bought from us直到結賬提供地址的時候,我們才發現我們原來在同一個地方 by the time billing then only we find out at we stay at the same place我們建議他們到我們店裏來提取已網購的衣服 We suggest them pick up at our shop顧客才知道原來我們也是來自山打根的 Local customer just realised we're from Sandakan too從以前拍照時期就是這樣了 This happened since the photo taking period現在如果我們發現顧客和我們在一樣的地方 And now if we find out they are same place with us我們建議他們到我們店裏來享受標準折扣 We'll suggest them to pick up at our shop to enjoy a standard discount所以如果你的生意是在線的,地點在哪裏就不是問題了 So if your business is online, doesn't matter where it is.有很多來自西馬的競爭對手 There's a lot of competitors from the west其實來自西馬的同行也很強 Actually competitors from the West are not weak too我們的優勢是當顧客知道我們來自沙巴 Our advantage is when people knew we're from Sabah他們會對我們產生好奇和覺得有新鮮感 They'll curious about us他們會說"哇!
原來你們是來自沙巴,這麼遠的地方也可以做直播 They said ohhh you all from Sabah, so far still can broadcast "Live"為沙巴爭光 (Glory for Sabah)當他們知道我們來自沙巴的時候他們會繼續看 They'll keep watching when they knew we're from Sabah可能是他們接觸太多在西馬做Live的賣家了 I think too much from their surrounding all from the west太多的選擇感覺不新鮮 too much choices not feeling fresh但是這一個不同的因為來自沙巴,很遠的地方 but this one different, is from Sabah.. very far away不同的是,從沙巴購買的是進口商品 The different is buying from you is considered imported goods在KL購買是本地產品 buying in KL are local products它漂洋過海了的確不一樣 It does make a different over a sea每當西馬的客戶付款後 After the West M. customer make payment他們會開始擔心會不會很久才收到包裹 They will start worried how long they will receive the parcel他們告訴我們在兩周內他們真的需要穿它 They told us they really need it in 2 weeks time我告訴他們不用擔心,3天後就會到達 I told them not to worry, it will be arrive in 3 days他們仍然懷疑這一點 They still doubt of it我們要向他們解釋所有的快遞服務都是一樣的速度 We've to explain to them all the courier service are same speed所以每當包裹準時到達他們的門口,他們會感到驚訝的!
so if the parcel arrived their doorstep on time, they'll be surprised!這是從沙巴寄來的包裹 this parcel is from Sabah它就像我們從海外購買一樣特別激動和開心 It will be just so excited like we buying from overseas所以我認為這是我們的優勢 So I would say that's our advantage許多人嘗試做直播麵對消極的反應後都無法堅持下去 Many of them unable to persist due to negative response你們是如何可以做到堅持這件事的? How do you all persist doing this?持續每周3天,每周3天直播 3 days a week for every week有時傻起來我們一周做4次直播 sometimes we do 4 times a week每一次的「直播」最少都是3個小時以上 and every "Live" at least will be 3 hours直播的時間很長,要持續堅持做下去才是最難的 the duration is so long and it's so hard to persist直播是我們的主要收入 "Live" is actually our main income我們也麵臨著很多挑戰 somehow we face a lots of challenges too斷斷續續會出現各種各樣的問題 on and off will surface all kind of problems需要改變和進步 which need to change and improve我們坐下來討論,解決問題 we'll sit down and discuss, solve the problems即使是燈光這麼小的事情,我們還是會不斷嘗試希望它變得更完美 Even tiny thing like lighting setup, we wish to make it perfect我們也會為之辯論 we'll argue for that too我們各自從自己的角度出發來討論這個問題 we will argue for that too we both from our own point of view同樣的背景也是會這樣被討論 the same thing apply to the backdrop too最後,我們會嘗試所有的東西 so in the end, we'll just tried out everything即使我們有不同的意見 even we have different opinion我們都願意嘗試 we are both willing to try我們將在直播中測試它的可行性 We'll tested it in real "Live"通常誰是先妥協的人?
who's the one surrender first each time?就像 Ken說的,沒有對或錯 actually like Ken said, there's no right or wrong我們既不是專業攝影師也不是攝像師 we're not neither pro photographer nor videographer我們從零開始學習 we learned from zero我們將在網上找資料 we'll research online如何把燈光設得舒服一點 How to setup the lights連如何提高網速都要學 even find out how to improve the line speed所以任何事情都將在「直播」後做決定 so anything and everything will be decide when "Live" later都是取決於客戶的反饋 all based on customer's feedback這會讓我們知道哪一個是合適的 this will let us know which one is suitable這些都是客戶無法看到的挑戰 these are the challenges that customer would not be seen這些是自我要求 these are self-request關鍵是我們非常熱愛這份工作 the key is we're really passionate in this job我們都對時裝非常感興趣 we both have great interest in Fashion有時我們很有職業病 sometimes we quite occupational disease總是會注意到人們的穿著和配搭 always pay attention on how people wear從別人身上獲得靈感, 喜歡研究 getting ideas from others這就是為什麼我們可以堅持,希望可以做得更好 that's why we can persist, wish can do even better在這一行,熱忱是非常重要的 passion is very important in this line在3個小時的直播過程中,突然你覺得不舒服怎麼辦? in the middle of "Live", how if you felt uncomfortable?或者在開播之前突然感到不舒服 or uncomfortable before live started或者在直播開始之前不舒服?
or uncomfortable before Live started?你是怎麼處理這樣的狀況? how you handle that?身體健康狀況完全不能避免的 body health condition is totally out of control特別是剛開始半年的時候,我懷孕了 especially when just started, i was pregnant at that time我一直堅持工作,直到我的寶寶要出生 I continuously work till my baby deliver我一直工作到新年前的最後一個星期 I worked till the last week approaching Chinese New Year我的兒子就像他知道我們休息不用直播了 my son like he knew we're free, off from "Live"好了,我可以出來了 Ok then, here I'm coming我懷孕期間就是我最辛苦的時候 that's my hardest time during pregnancy我的寶寶一直在踢我,腰酸…… my baby keep kicking me, back pain.
但是我堅持撐下去的 but is me who persist他很擔心我,看我的腿一直腫漲 he's worried about me seeing my legs swollen但是我覺得新年有很多人要買衣服, 所以必須撐下去 because Chinese New Year have great demand on clothing還有試過生病, 發燒和喉嚨痛 there's time getting sick and sore throat too但是仍然堅持直播3個小時 but still hang on there for 3 hours在直播開始還沒熱身之前是很擔心的 before "Live" started was quite worry但是在直播開始之後,我再也沒有任何感覺了 but after "Live" started, I don't have any feeling anymore一個小時後,我忘記了我的喉嚨痛 after an hour, i forgotten my sore throat就像麻木一樣,繼續說話 just like numbness, keep talking甚至我們的顧客也會建議我今天到直播這裏暫停休閒 even our customers will advise me end the "Live" and have some rest你的客戶關心你 Your customer care of you但是當我不停地說話時,我覺得我的聲音恢復正常了 but when i continuously talking, i felt my sound was back to normal我堅持做完了3個小時 I persist for 3 hours在直播結束之後才感到疼痛 I only feel pain after that其實「直播」才是你的解藥 actually your Antidote is "Live"Ken 會確保我是健康的不能生病 Ken will make sure I'm healthy即使有點點不舒服他也會迫我去看醫生 even a little uncomfortable will force me to see doctor尤其是現在我們有了孩子 and how especially with our child我們都知道我們不能病倒 we both knew that we can't fall sick尤其是現在需要照顧我們的兒子 especially now need to take care our son特別是在直播的前一天晚上 especially the night before "Live"我要提醒她早點休息, 多喝水 I'll remind her to rest early, drink more water他會阻止我繼續滑手機 he will stop me scrolling my phone關鍵是隨時隨地保持我們的健康 the key is maintain our health這裏沒有什麼可教的,必須照顧好你的身體 nothing more to teach here, must take care of your body喝更多的水,等等. drink more water and so on.多吃水果 eat more fruits是的,你說的對. yes, you're right.