만성 아토피에서 벗어날 수 있었던 관리 방법 # (2) - 환경 관리, 유의사항 (여드름, 건선, 지루성 피부염 등 면역 질환 공통 내용)

Nice to meet youThird, environmental managementIn this videoFurniture, Cleaning, Clothes, LaundryRoom temperature, humidity, wallpaper, ventilationIncluding the use of moisturizers and external preparations such as baths(+ α other note) I want to tell you about some things you have to manage.In fact, atopy management methods and folk remediesIt's really too much.I can not tell you all the waysMany of the management laws in the worldIt's impossible to do everything.And you may already know a lotEven if it sounds too obviousI'd appreciate it if you could just check it out.
If you search for "atopy product name" in the green windowGood products come to mind.But even if you use expensive and good productsIf there is a limit of at most 1% for improving atopyDo you need to be so annoying with the product?Of course, if you have a lot of money. Maybe you do not careFinding good products for atopy, time and moneyI would rather have one more mealMoving a little bit moreIt's a much more effective way.
So let's depend on itI told you to look in an integrated view.I do not think you need to buy luxury and expensive.However, environmental management is better than a positive factorNegative factors are too big when you do not manageThe worse the skin, the more I go out of my house.It's easy to live in Bangkok like this.
If you spend a long time indoors (Ratio of the substance ingested by the human body - weight ratio)It is affected by the environment.Let's take a look at the room pollutants first. (Table - Influence of major pollutants occurring in indoor)Here, paint or glue, a new bookSmoking, naphthalene (moxibustion)Chemical fungicideSpray, waxInsecticides, whatever.Never writeJust be careful at that moment.
But in the world, like dust or microorganisms.Can not be completely eradicated at our disposalSuch materials exist.Among these,Invisible house dust mites, microbial substancesVOCs, which are volatile organic compounds,To substances such as formaldehydeIt has a lot of direct influence.So the purpose of environmental management isLike house dust mites or VOCsRight now my atopy Directly deteriorating factorsIt is the first priority.
Wool, wool, furSynthetic fiber (polyester / acrylic / nylon) The same clothesMay be irritating to the skin I hope you avoid it if you can.Instead of wearing tight clothes at home usuallyCotton clothes It is better to wear looseAnd small things like dolls, cloths, carpetsYou can reduce it as much as possible.Clean !?
And curtains are blinds, sofas are made of leatherIn particular, I'd like you to change it to 100% cotton.In addition, if atopy is severeIf you are in bed,Just like me daring to throw away I think it is a good way.No matter how fluffy and good the bed isIf you can not sleep with itchy because of dust and mitesWhat good would it do.I have a good bed.
I also bought a house dust mite cleanerI tried hard to clean it.It's too painful to do so,No matter how clean the bed mattressI just did not wash it once.So I just took the bed off three years ago.One hundred thousand pu pu artificial leather cover Take a mattressI'm sleeping on the floor.
But this is a little more fluffy than it looks.There was no problem sleeping.First of all, it is easy to clean keratin and dust.I still use it very usefulAnd, um .
even a pet, such as a dog or cat,There are a lot of people who think that it is better not to raise them.Actually, I'm . three and a half years.I am raising a puppy.
I did not grow it because I wanted to raise it.The companion animal is simply a house dust mite like a doll.Because of pollutants I do not think this is a problem to avoid.Of course, I get a lot of hair,If you just lick me, you get a spit.
Piss piss, piss. Although there are many problems like thisRaising a companion animalPsychologically I think it could be a lot of help.When the skin was very severeI really feel like the world is going to collapseI had to break all my relationships and live in Bangkok.At that time, self-esteem was too low.
Just by looking at me It can be unpleasant.Something like this I had a very depressed mind.My parents saw me like that.When I brought my puppy home for the first timeThis jerky thing just ran naturally to me.
I just sniff at the smell and just lick meThe dog does not look at me as an atopy.You have no choice but to be a person.I feel this way, the attitude of this puppy dogI had a lot of comfort.It's probably because I'm getting a littleI was able to overcome interpenetration It looks like it was a chance.
But how to raise a dog at that timeIt was a situation I never knewI missed the socialization period.I do not have enough education.So I can not get along with other puppiesIt's a male. I was not able to dry up my neutrals during my childhood.
I'm sorry.Stay up lateTheThat's famous.After hearing the package of the drums of Kang Hyung-wook's trainersI do not deserve to raise too muchSometimes it feels heavy.Whatever the reasonPast immature and misguided choices of mineLiving in the presentI think it's important.
anyway.Raising companion animalsDepending on what mind you are growingThe effect on atopy I think that it will be different by the tide.I do not even take a walk to raise an animal.I do not even have a chance to meet friendsJust give me some rice,I do not think I can raise it.
Under a family-wide agreementFrom the beginning to the end,If you are prepared to raise it properlyI think it's a good idea to raise it once. (You should not raise a dog)I will tell you carefully.Dolls and accessories, cushionsPillows, blankets, mattress covers, etc.Once a week After washing in hot water over 55 degreesPlease dry it in the sun and disinfect it.
If you have a lot of dead skin, It is better to shake it or wash it more often.On furniture and products, desks and shelves where dust is likely to accumulateIt's a good idea to clean it at least twice a weekI think it is hard to keep cleaning the house like this.So every time you clean upRather than just overturn all the stuffJust like a keyboard or mouse or a smartphoneMainly used goods. Five to ten minutes.
I think it's a good idea to start and finish easily.I just have one wrinkle bottleIf you are willing to organize everything perfectly at onceIt's easy to get tired.If you think this is going to be 'cleaned up'It is okay to handle only about 60%.Every time I see it,Daily unnecessary things To remove or remove one by twoCleaning and organizing I think it is a way to do it steadily.
But once in a half yearYou should take care of me and clean up.The dust that is piled up in the cornerI can not ignore it.Veranda, utility room, bathroom is not moldyThere is no leak in faucets or kitchen sinks.There is a stench around the toilet drain.
You have to look all over the house like this.If it's too hard for you to clean up,I have a cleaning agency.I have not left it.Just a couple of times a yearThere is also a way to leave it there.
And when you washDetergents made from natural ingredientsIt would be nice to use detergent only for atopy.I'd rather not use a fabric softener.And when you use itKeeping the proper capacity written on the productEven after drying, the clothes do not smell like detergent.Please rinse as much as possible.
Where the wind is good even when it is dry after washingIt is good to dry in the sun. - When drying (Note the clothes material) -In addition to these detergents, cosmetics, medicines,Shampoo, toothpaste, etc.Also in various cleaning and household itemsIt contains various surfactants.This shampoo should last at least 3 minutes after use.
And toothpaste at least 10 times after brushing.Whatever you use It is important to rinse as much as possible with water.And if you leave your clothes dryThe addiction is strong in the laundryIn many cases, solvents with carcinogenic properties are usedIf you get the clothes,After blowing the smell to the windIt is better to wear it in the houseThis is the one that bothers us and annoys us.House dust mite With a very small animal of about 0.1mm to 0.3mmThere is a maximum of 10,000 in 1g of dust.
Mainly from the human body We live by eating our skin horny.You do not bite or stab a personI did not spread the diseaseThere is no harm in itself.But with house dust mite excrementIt is called Guanine which is contained in the body. Protein componentIf you touch the skin or enter the respiratory tractCauses allergy symptoms.
House dust mites surviveThe best optimal temperature is 25-28 ° C,Usually in the range of about 10 to 32 ° CIt can grow and multiply.Among various factorsEspecially The most important influence on breeding isWith humidity, about 75% It is just a good condition.If we sleep in bedHeat and sweat evaporated within two hours.The mattress goes up to 25-30 ° CAnd the humidity is about 80% ~ 90%These are our sleepingTo reproduce and survive house dust miteIt's a perfect environment.
So to get rid of house dust mitesJust bang the blankets,If it's hard to get out of the window,You can dry in the sun.But house dust miteEvery day like this, I suckIt does not disappear easily even if it kills it.I can not completely eliminate it.One good thing, though,House dust mites can not control body temperature.
So, just as thoroughly as we doAdjust the room temperature and humidity.House dust mites do not reproduce wellIt is important to create such an environment.Keep the room temperature below 25 ° CIf you adjust the humidity too highYou can reduce the overall number.But not because of the house dust mitesRoom temperature and humidity must be adjustedThere is another reason.
It's related to body temperature immunity.Those who say that atopy is seasonalI did not manage this indoor environment properlyIt is likely.In the government, the appropriate room temperature for winter is 18 ~ 20 ℃,The indoor humidity is at least 40% betterIt's based on a healthy adult.Putting together the words of various expertsThe optimum temperature for winter is 18 ~ 22 ℃ Humidity is at least 40%The proper temperature in summer is 22 ~ 26 ℃ Humidity is up to 60%.
However, the proper temperature depends on the outside temperature.Simply put, to reduce the burden on body temperature controlThe room temperature should not be too different from the outside temperatureLower in winter, higher in summer It is better to keep.In this way,There is no absolute standard.The room temperature at which a person feels comfortableClimate conditions, clothing culture, building structureAnd it can be different depending on the conditionIn winter, the body feels most comfortable Appropriate temperature is 23 ~ 24 ℃Even if it is lowered by about 3 ~ 4 ℃It could be a little cold.
Even so,Room temperature and comfort temperature are different.Even if I put on a little clothes like underwearIt is recommended to keep the room temperature a little coldThe degree of comfort is highly dependent on humidity.The proper humidity varies depending on the temperature.- Proper temperature and humidity -And in the case of the elderly or the patientThe optimum temperature for winter is 26 ~ 28 ℃, Humidity is between 40% and 50%And in the case of a childThe optimum temperature is 22 [deg.
] C, Humidity of 40% is recommended.Please refer to this.You can adjust the room temperature and humidity freely. - Boiler, humidifier in operation -Anyway, - Boiler, humidifier in operation -To manage properly - Open the window and ventilate -There should be a temperature / humidity meter.
- Open the window and ventilate -Buy oneI can get it easily at about 10,000 won.Not only the atopy, but our modern peopleNearly 80% to 90% of the dayIt is said to be sent indoors.That's the quality of the room air.Asbestos, wall paper, mat, built-in furnitureInterior finishing material, insulation, caulking agent, polish for furnitureAnd the logs that were treated with various preservativesSome of the factors that aggravate atopy.
Here comes formaldehydeThe chromated copper arsenate (CCA)Volatile organic compounds (VOCS - volatile organic compounds vocs) InsideBenzene, ethylbenzeneXylene, toluene, pentachlorobenzene, dichlorobenzeneIn mixed organic solvents such as Atopy is hit hard.This problem, of course, is not a wallpaper,Be as green as possible from the first time you decorate your house. It would be nice to decorate the interiorIf it is economically burdensomeYou also need to bake out.Bake out all the windows in the house.
All of the furniture drawers and visits are openIf the furniture is covered with paper or vinyl, peel it off.At least 7 hours after starting the boilerThe room temperature is maintained at about 35 to 40 ° CIt is a method to ventilate for 1-2 hours.In this way, four or five times Repeatedly bake outOr leave it at all for about three days.There is also a way to ventilate for 5 hours.
Please note thatWhen raising the room temperatureHeating system You need to set it to not overheat.In this process, furniture, wallpaper and flooringBecause pollutants are released in a very large amountWhile baking out, You can not stay in the building.Later, when you enter the building to open the windowYou must wear a fine dust / dust mask.So to get rid of pollutants in the roomIt is also important to periodically ventilate.
Normally, the air is blowing at dawn or at night.It's easy to think it's clean.Rather, at dawn or at night,Fine dust or contaminants in the airIt is very likely to stay.So ventilation is strong in the sun and atmospheric circulation is goodIt is recommended to be between 10:00 am and 5:00 pmMake sure the air is in good condition.
I open all the windows in the room,All the drawers and closets are open.You can adjust the humidity.In this ventilation, fan or fanYou can also use a range hood.But if you vent too longRather, Because it penetrates indoors3 times in a day You should shorten it to less than 3 minutes each time you do it.
And in general, fine dusty daysYou might think that the outside air is worse than the room.Experts say that the Fine dust or harmful substancesIn order to get it out It says that you have to ventilate.Because the room is sealedCooking soot and food when cooking foodLike air conditioner or refrigerator Chemicals that occur when using electrical and electronic productsAnd bacteria, fungi in food wasteHouse dust mites living in various beddingAnd chemicals in building materials and furniture.If it can not be discharged out and is accumulated in the roomRather it is indoors than in the airWe are serious respiratory diseases The risk of taking will be higher.
If you think that your home air is worse than the outside airI have to ventilate for a short time.If the outside air is too bad,Minimize ventilation as much as possible.After the ventilation, you should wipe the floor with a wet cloth.Of course now the outside air is too bad.
Doing things that cause fine dust in the room If you did not do itI have ventilation and bad air I do not have to drag you into the house.The important thing here is that the outside air is badIf you ventilate to purify the room airFine dust that has settled down on the floor It is to clean with a wet cloth.And finally ifWhen the outside air does not improve for a long timeInevitably, now air purifiers and range hoodsWe should use products.However, products with low suction powerIt does not help much if you write.
No matter how good the performance isIf the product is dirty or greasy If you work with lots ofRather, it generates fine dustYou must be careful.And no matter how expensive and superior the productPesticides and fragrances that persist in the houseToxic chemicals such as detergents and hair spraysOnly natural ventilation is possible.Sensor Berriana Benjamin Tree Air purification plants orVentilator, Range hood, Air purifier It's certainly nice to complementThe product is only for maintenance.Even if it's cold, you have to ventilate.
4. Other precautionsBathing is not only about showeringFoot bath (foot bath), large bath, left bath,Half bath, hot and cold bath, sauna etc.There are several ways.Rather than a shower It's better to have a bath to give your skin moisture.
Sauna rather makes the skin dryBecause itching can get worseYou do not have to do that.To relieve inflammationThe acid bath It can help.Of course, It is the safest and most helpful.I showed you half a bath last time.
However, the bath that raises the body temperature like thisIf you are exposed to skin inflammationI can not get out of heat. Rather, symptoms can worsen.As long as the skin is not inflamed You have to be careful.I recently did it once a month or two.
I have not been that far.And the recommended bathing methodsThe temperature ranges from 37 to 44 ° C, Time is minimum 10 minutes up to 1 hourThere is a lot of difference between people.So whatever bath you doIf you pass it, you can be poisoned.Do not overdo itKeeping the right temperature and time for yourself It's important.
If you have severe skin irritation at 37 ~ 38 ℃Do not exceed more than 30 minutesI think it's safe.It's okay if you do not sweat.Do not try to force yourself to sweat.It can be cluttered or swollen.
That 's just too much.Of course, if you do well,It may be helpful to some extentToo dramatic changes It is better not to expect.Whether bathing is showering or bathingEven if I did not specifically go outThe dust builds up in my body.This dirty material on the bodyTo remove house dust mitesI like it every day.
(1 ~ 2 times a day)There are many types of atopic baths.For your reference, except for hand washingUsually you do not use shampoo or soap at allI just washed it with water.I keep doing thingsAs I said in this book (Cosmetics ruins skin)I think it's better to just wash with water. (Cosmetics ruins skin)If the water does not come out of the houseWhether the filter is replacedI do not think you need to use a water softener.
It does not mean that you should not write.If you want to use soap or shampooShampoo for atopy only 2 to 3 times a weekI used weakly acidic or weak neutral soap. (I also just used generic shampoo)Do not forget to rinse it for more than three minutes when shampooing.Bath time is 10 to 15 minutes It is better to finish short.
The strange thing is that the skin barrier is destroyedBecause the skin gets dryYou should not exceed 20 minutes at most.And if the bath temperature is too highBecause itching gets worseIt's good to wash with lukewarm water.This cold and hot thing is a relative concept.There are many people with atopic dermatosesIf you believe in the senses of your hands and feet and wash them with tepid temperaturesIt could be a cold shower.
The criterion of lukewarm water temperature isThe normal body temperature of our body 36.5 degrees. Please refer toThe finish is fine with lukewarm waterIf your skin feels too warm To cool the heatI suggest you finish with cool waterAnd after washing,Do not rub your skin with a towel.It is better to tap and dryInstead of drying your hair tightly with a hair dryerEven if it takes a little whilePlease dry as much as possible with a towel or natural wind.And this is important.
When showering or bathingAfter you call yourself with waterJust pushing like this by hand .Those who exfoliateCertainly .Even if your hands are tinged with a little bit of skin,If you are inevitably scratched during the shower because it is itchyI can not help it.What you should not take offYou know .
I guess .?When you peel off the keratin cells,The protection of the skin is inevitable.Then the skin gets dry.
It gets more itchy.If it's normal skin, it will not keratinize,Atopic dermatitis due to skin thermalization Because the skin is dryIt is natural that atopic skin has keratinized.So I apply moisturizer.The horny ones later on my bodyThink of it as a return to my normal skin.
If you do not want to look like that,The body regenerates the skin to recover again.Then I get keratin again.I do not want to see it again.You can recover and remove .
and recover and .. again ..
my ..I can not get better.It is natural for such people to repeat the vicious cycle.
It's really too obvious.To help you recoverI'm saying these words.I'll tell you how to manage these things.When you push the time deliberately here,All of those efforts just go back to naughty.
by the waystillIf I say thisAll in allI might want to push it away.I understand.Why.I do not like pushing whenOf course you do.
I do not know why.But the skin is itchy and soreMore worrying isIt's the eye of the people around you.I was ten years agoI do not want to get stressed out of my skinTo look like good skinI spent a few years at school.Just take a bath every day for 1-2 hours a dayI had to exfoliate hard.
Even when you know you should not.This led to a longer period of my treatmentAlthough it was one of the reasonsI will not tell you not to do it at all.Just make it right.You really need to do just that.
You know !?And moisturizerAlmost all doctorsIt is a moisturizer that you say is important.Skin moisturizing restores damaged skin barrier.
This moisturizer should have no fragrance.The skin is composed of lipid ceramide, cholesterolAs fatty acids are naturally producedIt forms a skin barrier.Containing these ingredientsAtopic only products Use of course is recommended.By the way, if you look at mist, skin, lotion, creamThere are a lot of types of moisturizers.
I have been using aloe, apricot oil, and horse oilShia butter, evening primrose oil, petrolatumI've heard a lot about the natural moisturizer.That's what I saw.There is no difference.Just use the product atopy onlyAnd if you do not have any problemsYou can just use your own taste and anything.
There is no difference between them.I told him not to stick to the product.And the moisturizer should be cleaned up to 3 minutesAs soon as I wipe the water with a towel It is recommended to use immediately.The pores are open and the water is not dry yet.
The component of the moisturizer Because it can easily penetrate the skinThe purpose of the moisturizer is to prevent moisture lossTo relieve skin dryness To maintain skin barrier.Normally, normal people apply moisturizersMore than 50% will be removed after this 8 hoursIn fact, for serious patientsNo matter how much moisturizer is appliedAlmost ineffective It's easy to evaporate quickly.So the doctorsAs easy as possible to say goodbyeHaving a humidifier that evaporates in just 5 minutesWe can not sit around all day long.So the number of times to use isNo matter how severe the dryness isEvery 4 to 5 hours a dayUp to four times a day at maximum I think it is good.
I usually only shot once a day.No matter how muchOnly three times in the same area.Some people are reluctant to apply a moisturizer.I did too.
Because moisturizers are not drugs like steroidsThere is no such thing as tolerance, but you can use it at ease.If you get a feeling of fever or a lotYou have to look for something less.I have used moisturizer for a long timeIf the skin symptoms are much improvedYou need to gradually reduce your usage.The area where the moisturizer is appliedRather than just applying the skin to the pulling areaUp to normal skin without skin inflammationIt is recommended to apply evenly over the whole body.
Normal skin also This is because the skin barrier is weak.And moisturizer UnconditionallyThere are some people who just stick to it.If you apply too much moisturizerI can not get the heat out of my skin.Rather, it can only induce itching.
As the moisturizer evaporates, the residue on the skinIt 's easy to get rid of crustaceans.It is not absorbed because it is very much.So just thin Just spread it well.Common side effects of moisturizers includeAfter you use it,With a tingling sensationIt could cause a skin attack.
If you exercise or sweat a lot, Because you canI should use a moisturizer after washing.The moisturizer I recently applied wasUsing a setterI have been using Fiji gel for about a year.When I get really bad skinUse any moisturizerAs if this is a cascade in the armyI thought I was really crazy when I got stoned.really.
What is this?Too tired and tenderNo product is right for me.I had this idea.But depending on the ingredient in the moisturizer이 따가운 정도의 차이는 있었구요.
그리고 아무리 길어도그 따가움이 5초 이내로 가라앉았습니다.상처가 생겼을 때 상처부위를 우리가 만진다거나소독을 하면은 따갑고 쓰라린 것이 당연한거잖아요.그냥 그렇게 생각하면서그냥 따가워도 꾹 참고 바르다보니까부작용도 점차 줄어들었습니다.보습제를 바르지 않아도 나을 수 있기는 하지만아토피가 호전되는 데 보습제가 많은 도움을 주는 것은사실이라고 생각합니다그리고 만일이건 좀 어려운 문제인데요.
스테로이드를 만약에 현재 쓰고 계신다면가급적이면 단기간만 사용하도록 노력하셔야 됩니다.스테로이드의 권장 사용기간은 2주를 넘지 않습니다.그 이상 사용하셨다면여러가지 부작용에 시달릴 수 있습니다.만약에 병원에서 처방을 할 때처음부터 약물의 사용기간이나 부작용에 대해서제대로 알려줬더라면제가 만약에 알았더라면수개월에서 이렇게 무식하게수 년 동안 약을 사용하지도 않았겠지만.
.병원에서 이 약팔이를 주도하고 있기 때문에병원에 다니다보면은약물을 오래 사용하신 중증 환자분들을그리 어렵지 않게 찾아볼 수 있습니다.옛날에 저처럼약물을 이미 장기간 사용하신 경우라면임의로 계속 사용하시거나 갑자기 끊지는 마시고반드시 정말 반드시의사의 지시에 따르시는 것이 좋기 때문에제가 의료기관을 선택하는 기준을 제시해드린 겁니다.스테로이드를 현재 쓰고 있는 분들도옛날의 저처럼 하루빨리 낫고 싶은 마음에그걸 어쩔 수 없이 약에 손을 대셨을 겁니다.
아니, 그냥병원에서 그렇게 처방을 했으니까 그렇게 쓰시는 거겠죠하지만 이 스테로이드의 위험성을 알면 알수록지금 당장이라도 약을 끊고 싶은 마음이 생기시겠지만어차피 부신의 기능이 정상적으로 회복되려면시간이 걸릴 수밖에 없습니다.그래서 만약에 수개월이나 수년동안장기간 스테로이드를 사용하셨다면.스테로이드로인한 리바운드 현상을 최소화하기 위해서무작정 끊기보다는 서서히 감량해 주는 것이 좋습니다.아토피 환자라고 해서 우리가하루 종일 아토피만 신경쓰면서 살 수는 없잖아요약을 쓰고 있는 상태에서 갑자기 끊게 되면99% 진짜 리바운드가 발생할텐데그렇게 되면 아무리 관리를 열심히 해도낫는 모습이 보이질 않아서 관리고 뭐고그냥 의지도 확 꺾여버리고주저앉기 쉽거든요.
그러니까 약을 만약에 하루에 2회 쓰셨다면일정 기간을 두고서 하루에 한 번그리고 2일에 1번..(일정기간)3일에 1번..
(일정기간)Like this 일정 기간을 두면서 줄여나가시되개인차가 너무 심하기 때문에제가 그 기준을 정해드릴 수는 없습니다.비스테로이드제인 프로토픽 (타크로리무스)엘리델 (피메크로리무스)듀피젠트 기타 등등 뭐 마찬가지라고 생각합니다.스테로이드의 감량 과정과 기간은스테로이드의 강도와 사용 기간사용량 그리고 사용 횟수에 따라서 달라집니다.사용 기간과 사용 횟수 역시증상을 참고하면서 탄력적으로 조절해줘야 되구요.
특히 먹는 내복약은 스테로이드 함량이 고농도이기 때문에인체에 미치는 영향이 너무 커서 반드시진짜 이거는 진짜 심하면 죽을 수도 있거든요의사와 상담을 통해서 감량하셔야만 됩니다.장난이 아니에요위험한 거에요 진짜게다가 스테로이드 감량 과정에서증상 개선이 잘 되면은 낮은 등급으로 바꾸게 되지만증상이 만약에 악화된다거나 호전이 느린 경우에는증상 악화를 방지하기 위해서 감량 속도를 늦추거나사용량을 다시 늘려줘야 됩니다.그래서 높은 등급의 스테로이드 연고를 사용하거나내복약, 주사제를 사용한 경우라면스테로이드를 감량하고 중단하기까지 걸리는 시간이보다 많이 걸릴 수 있습니다.적게는 수개월에서 길게는 1년 이상이 소요될 수 있어요.
그것도 아토피 완치가 아닌 중단까지의 기간이요그래서 약물을 장기 사용한 분일수록일반적인 아토피 환자보다더 오랜 치료기간과더 많은 노력이 필요합니다.특히 이 저하된 부신 기능의 회복 속도가 느린 경우에는스테로이드 감량에 많은 시간이 걸리기 때문에호전되는 게 정체된 것처럼 보이는 경우도 있습니다.하지만 스테로이드를 장기간 사용하거나 높은 등급을 사용했다면반드시 언젠가는 끊어야 되기 때문에점진적으로 감량 과정을 거치는 것이오히려 가장 빠른 길이라고 할 수 있습니다.약은 무조건 감량해야만 되는 게 아니라 관리를 병행해야만 감량할 수 있습니다저는 그동안 여러 병원을 다니면서도약을 바르는 기간이나 부작용 같은 주의사항을자세히 들어본 적이 없어요.
그래서 여러 의사선생님들 말만 믿고서오랫동안 발랐었던건데요.면역억제제를 사용한 기간을 제외하면군 입대 전까지 스테로이드를 간헐적으로 쓴 기간은 약 5년 정도 됩니다.그러던 중 2011년도 쯤에 갑자기 끊고나서제가 2년 동안 지옥을 맛봤었고2013년도에 군 입대를 하고나서 도저히 못 버티고2년 동안 다시 스테로이드를 썼었습니다.그리고 2015년도에 제대를 하고나서상태가 많이 좋아진 것 같아서또 다시 약을 갑자기 끊었는데요.
역시나 다시 올라오기 시작하면서2년동안 탈 스테로이드 과정을 거친 이후에면역억제제나 스테로이드를 전혀 쓰지 않고관리하기 시작해서 호전된 케이스입니다.제가 주로 발랐던 스테로이드 약은 데스오웬이구요.어렸을 때 그래도 약이 몸에 안 좋다는 직감은 있었고.어디서 주워들은 얘기는 많아서이것보다 강한 약물은 오래 사용하지는 않았습니다.
그런데 이렇게 약한 강도인 스테로이드를아주 얇게진짜 로션보다 얉게.꼭 필요한 부위에만하루에 한 번밖에 바르지 않았는데도 불구하고수년 동안 아주 심각한 부작용에 시달려야만 했습니다.저도 이렇게 갑자기 끊은 입장이기 때문에'나는 멘탈이 진짜 강해서 피부가 완전히 뒤집어져도 버틸 수 있어'뭐 이렇게 하시는 분들까지 말리지는 않겠습니다..
하지만 탈 스테로이드 과정이 심적으로 너무 힘들어서아예 관리를 포기해버리는 분들도 많습니다.그래서 아토피는 그 당사자 뿐만이 아니라가족의 적극적인 협조도 필요하고아주 신중하게 생각하시고 선택하셔야됩니다.이제 마지막으로 일상생활 주의사항입니다아토피의 원인을 간단하게 제가 열과 독소라고 표현했었죠.특히 감기, 식체, 장염에 걸리지 않게컨디션 조절 잘하셔야 됩니다.
우리가 감기에 걸리면 몸에서 열이 많이 발생하기 때문에갑자기 증상이 악화되기 쉽구요그리고 배변 또한 해독작용에 많은 영향을 미치기 때문에식체나 장염에 걸려도 갑자기 증상이 나빠질 수 있습니다.그러니까 과로 하지 마시고급격한 온도나 습도의 변화가 있는 장소나찬 공기에 노출되는 것을 피하셔야됩니다.또 우리 몸 속에 있는 유산균이 제대로 활동하기 위해서는장이 따뜻해야되거든요.그래서 체온이 떨어지지 않도록아랫배와 잠자리는 항상 따뜻하게 유지하시구요세로토닌 활성화와 비타민 d 합성을 위해서하루에 15분에서 20분 정도 햇볕을 쬐는 것은 좋지만장시간 강한 햇빛에 노출되는 것은 피해야됩니다.
그리고 저는 그동안 한 번도 해본 적이 없어서나이를 더 먹기 전에뭐 이것저것 해보고 싶어서 하고 있지만아 진짜 괜히 한 거 같네요. 그죠..파마/ 염색 안 좋은 거 아시죠 여러분저 따라하지 마세요그리고 아토피는 무엇보다 가려운 게 문제인데이 손톱은 너무 날카롭지 않게일주일에 한 번쯤은 정리하시구요저는 가려우면 그냥 긁었습니다.
뭐 어쩌겠어요. 가려운데다만 '앞으로 내가 진짜 정신줄 놓고 미친 듯이 막 긁을 것 같다'그런 생각이 드신다면그때만 잠깐 정신 바짝 차리셔서손 깨끗이 막 씻으시고최대한 상처나지 않도록 조절 잘 하셔가지고무의식적으로 그냥 막 이렇게 손 가는 데로 긁는 것이스트레스를 덜 받는 최선의 방법이라고 생각합니다.물론 가려움을 가라앉히기 위해서아이스팩을 마른 수건에 싸서 가려운 부위에 냉찜질을 한다거나양배추 오이 같은 채소를 믹서기로 갈아서 거즈로 싸서 진정팩을 한다거나찬물로 가려운 부위를 씻고 나서 보습제를 바르는 방법도 있기는 합니다.하지만 시도 때도 없이 가려운데.
가려울 때마다 할 수도 없는 노릇이고.그거 준비할 시간에 이미 긁고도 남죠.두꺼운 옷!?
뭐 장갑!? 손 묶는거!?
다 소용없는 거 알죠?자기가 다 알아서 풉니다아토피의 가려움은 내가 긁어야겠다 말겠다 뭐 이런 생각으로컨트롤 할 수 있는 게 아니잖아요.진짜 내가 독하게 마음먹고 참으면은간신히 참을 수 있기는 해요.근데 참지는 마세요.
그렇게 참지 마세요스트레스밖에 안받습니다.긁으면 안좋다는 사실을우리가 몰라서 긁는 것도 아니구요.각질이랑 상처를 자꾸 이렇게 보고 있으면가려움증을 의식하고 있으면대패로 밀어버리고 싶다거나그냥 싹 다 뜯어 없애버리고 싶은 마음밖에안생겨요.차라리 아.
. 이게 너무 가려운데 아.. 긁을까 말까뭐 이렇게 생각하면서가려움증을 너무 의식 하지 않는 게 낫습니다.
어떻게 하냐면은 내가 어디를 긁었는지도 모를 만큼가려움증은 아예 신경을 끄시고하시는 일에 하고 싶은 일을 찾아서거기에 몰두를 해보세요.몰입해보세요. 한 번.가려움을 의식하지 않는 것이 숙달이되면나중에는 내가 이렇게 긁고 나서'아.
. 또 긁었네' 뭐 이렇게 생각하게 됩니다.아토피안이라면 긁는 게 당연한거에요 가려우니까.가려움증이 없으면 아토피가 아니죠.
일상생활에서 우리가 신경 써야 될게아토피 하나만 있는 것도 아니잖아요.그러니까 만약에 가려움을 참을만한 정신적에너지가 있다면쓸데없이 에너지 낭비하지 마시고.차라리 그냥 이렇게 시원하게 긁으시면서할 거 하시는 게 낫습니다.자 끝으로.
사람마다 환경과 상황이 너무 많이 달라서아토피에 나쁜 영향을 미치는 게 무엇인지는여러분께서 직접 찾을 수밖에 없습니다.지금 제가 알려드린 이 모든 것들을완벽하게 지키기는 어렵지만사실 실내 환경은 한 번 세팅해주고나면그렇게 많은 노력이 필요하지 않습니다.목욕이나 로션 바르는 것도 습관화되면은노력이라고 말할 수 없을정도로단순한 방법에 지나지 않구요.효율적인 측면에서 보면강박관념을 가지고모든 것을 완벽하게 관리할 필요도 없습니다.
우리가 자주 쓰는 침대나 이불벽지, 가구 같은가장 피부에 악영향을 미치는 것들만없애시거나 관리해줘도 괜찮습니다저도 일반 벽지 쓰고 있구요.공기청정기 뭐 제습기 그런거 없습니다.그리고 대프리카에 살고있는데저희집에 에어컨 성능이 안 좋아서작년에는 여름철 내내 진짜 평균 실내 온도 38도였거든요.그렇게 지냈어요게다가 강아지까지 키우는데도 불구하고이렇게 많이 좋아질 수 있었구요.
그리고 청소는 누구나 하는거에요.할 게 너무 많다고 생각되신다면우선은 생활 반경에서지금 당장 눈에 띄는 것부터 하나씩 정리하고 관리해보세요.이번 영상에서 알려드린 내용들을 최대한 많이 관리하실수록저보다도 훨씬 더 빠르게 좋아질 수 있을 겁니다.영상이 긴데 끝까지 시청해주셔서 감사하구요그럼 이어서다음 영상에서 뵙도록 하겠습니다.